ROSEWOOD. Benefits and cosmetic properties.

Essential Oils

The Palo Rosa (Aniba rosaeodora) is a tree originating in Brazil and the essential oil of this, has been introduced recently to the aromatherapy.

An investigation in October 1995 has demonstrated that this oil has the highest rate of all the oils tested against the growth of gram-positive bacteria and gram-negative.


Its aroma in the environment decreases the changes of humor by menopause, premenstrual syndrome and depression. Eliminates feelings of frustration and anxiety. Raised self-esteem, calms and gives confidence.

It is very effective in cases of insomnia and afraid to travel by plane. Provides a spiritual vision and relaxed the mind. Its regulatory capacity of the nervous alterations transforms it into an excellent regulator of the emotions, so it is ideal for places where there are often conflicts or sadness or simply to provide a little optimism and rescue the pleasure of the small things.

Cosmetic Properties:

Of the oils used in cosmetics the Palo Rosa is the one that has more properties such as regenerating skin cell and restorative.

It is an ideal moisturizer for dry and sensitive skins, as well as for the mature. It is an oil with properties antipruriginous, deodorants, stimulating, soothing, regenerating and nasal decongestant.

It is very good in treatments for acne, eszemas, wrinkles and stretch marks.